Hey there!  I'm Tanya and I live in Cornwall!  T & The Sea was born in 2020 during lockdown 1.0 of Covid and has been work in progress since then.  Having lost a job due to the pandemic I was unsure which direction to take!  I love creating and making things, and I have a passion for photography.  I knew it had to be something I loved doing.
The maker in me won - and I started to design and test products I wanted to sell.  Take a look at The Maker page for more info - you can head to my Etsy shop following the shop link in the menu.
The photographer side of me is still there - but in the current climate its in the hobby section for now - but it is always good to have a portfolio just in case an opportunity comes along!  Take a look at The Photographer page at some of my favourite shots.
I have also started a blog - documenting my journey of my business and small changes I've made to my life to try and become more sustainable.  Head to my Blog to read more! 
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